The Wisconsin VMware User Group (WI-VMUG) is designed to encourage and support VMware users in the  Wisconsin area.  The goal for our meetings is to provide a forum in which we can share our experiences, best practices and expertise; while also allowing VMware  to obtain feedback from the user community.

Meetings are currently rotated between the Fox Valley, Milwaukee and Madison areas.  The current goal is to have 2 meetings in each area per year.   If you want to be notified of WI-VMUG meetings, be sure to register for the WI-VMUG.

Follow the WI-VMUG on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Facebook: Request membership to the WI VMUG Group on Facebook

Twitter: Follow WIVMUG to get announcements related to the Wisconsin VMware User Group.

LinkedIn: Join the Wisconsin VMware User Group LinkedIn Group.  It’s a great way to network with other VMUG members from Wisconsin as well as to get announcements related to the WI-VMUG.

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