Followup to 9/24 WI-VMUG mtg

Attendance was as follows:
Registered: 175
Signed-in: 87
Headcount: 95
Headcount was only 54% of registered.  This was well below the 72% overall average I now have for all meetings as well as being well below the 66% that I am averaging for Milwaukee area meetings.
For those of you who registered and didn’t attend, can I get some insight into why you didn’t attend?
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2 thoughts on “Followup to 9/24 WI-VMUG mtg”

  1. I did not even sign up because the Eastern side of the state is quite a hike from the La Crosse area. Maybe we could have a meeting around the Madison area to see if more can attend?

  2. Mike,
    The next WI-VMUG meeting is set for 12/9/09 in Madison. I am also looking into trying to put together a WI-VMUG meeting in the La Crosse area in 2010.

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