VMworld 2010 – Just around the corner???

I just registered for VMworld 2010 the other day.  Tonight I happened to get one of VMware’s VMworld 2010 marketing emails and I thought VMworld isn’t really all that far off.  If you’re as busy as I am (as most of us in IT usually are) it will come upon you in a hurry.

Personally I am really looking forward to going this year.  Last year was my first visit to VMworld and between VMUG related events, vExpert events and working in the Lab Manager Lab I wasn’t able to attend any of the breakouts or partake in any of the labs.  This year I won’t be working in a lab so I am hoping to check out a lot of the sessions (more on that below).

With that in mind I thought I would mention a few related items that should be of interested to all of you thinking of attending this year:

  • Early registration ends next month on June 25th. Early registration saves you $250 and for most of us every little bit you can shave of the expense of it can make approval a bit easier.  Here is the link for registration.
  • This year we get a chance to vote on the presentations, so take your opportunity to have a say in the sessions that are available for you to go to.  Voting is open through Wednesday, May 26th.  The only downside is there are a lot of great potential presentations to look through.  On the other hand you get an early look at what topics may be available and you will know which people’s blogs to watch down the road for what I am sure are many great blog posts that will be coming from all those hopeful presenters.  Here is the link to vote.
  • WI-VMUG follow-up: If the WI-VMUG meeting schedule ends up playing out like I think it will, we will have a Madison area meeting in late June and then have a Green Bay area meeting in early-mid September.  This would be right after VMworld so I am thinking of having a VMworld related user presentation or panel.  With that in mind I am starting to look for WI-VMUG members who will be going to VMworld 2010 and would like to do a presentation on the event or be a participant on some type of VMworld Wrap-up roundtable or panel discussion at the meeting.  If you are interested send me an email or comment on this post.
  • WI-VMUG at VMworld: If you are going to be there let me know (email and/or comment here on this post).  If there are enough people from WI going and interested I may try to put together a WI-VMUG gathering of some type in San Fran.  (like there’s not enough going on there already….)

See you in San Francisco…….


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2 thoughts on “VMworld 2010 – Just around the corner???”

  1. For those of you who are considering bringing spouses or significant others, Crystal Lowe (@Crystal_Lowe on Twitter) is really ramping up her organization of activities for them at VMworld. You can find out more at http://spousetivities.com/

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