vBeers after the WI-VMUG User Conference

Join us after the Wisconsin VMUG User Conference on Tuesday, June 26th for vBeers at The French Quarter after the closing session.

It’s a chance to relax a bit with your fellow virtualization enthusiasts, have a beer and maybe talk some more virtualization.  For anyone who hasn’t been to a vBeers, they are always a fun time and a great way to network with other tech geeks in a very informal setting.

The French Quarter is within walking distance of the Reeve Union at 539 High Avenue in Oshkosh.

Being the informal event that it is, vBeers will start around 5:30 and end when the last of us leaves.  If you are in the Oshkosh area but can’t make the Conference stop by and join us anyways.  This is a non-sponsored event so you are on your own for drinks, that is unless somebody wants to stop in and by a round or two.

Hope to see you at the User Conference and at The French Quarter for some vBeers.

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