March 21st Presentation: “Keeping your Sanity during the Datacenter Transformation” by Scott Herold

This started out as a comment to the meeting post for our WI-VMUG meeting next month (3/21/13) and as it grew I decided to move it to a blog post of it’s own.

I’m looking forward to Scott Herold’s talk on: “Keeping your Sanity during the Datacenter Transformation

Here’s a little more from Scott on what he is planning on talking about:
Datacenter is evolving quickly, here’s how, and here’s what you need to be armed with to accommodate it.  There has been significant change in how IT has been architected and managed over the past 8 years, leading to a large number of administrative inefficiencies.  These inefficiencies first started to uncover themselves at about the time virtualization really hit the mainstream market and IT Silos started to fight for data center dominance.  Breaking down these silos within the modern IT Data Center is an exercise that simply cannot come soon enough.

  • Software Defined Datacenter
    • Virtualization/Cloud
    • Software-Defined Networking
    • Software-Defined Storage
  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Advanced Cloud Automation

There is, and will continue to be, an increased need to provide administrators with critical infrastructure expertise through consumable and actionable data in a unified product experience. This will enable administrators to work together and manage the complexity and inefficiencies inherent in legacy IT Silos once and for all.

  • Better Collaboration
  • Cross-Platform Tooling
  • Stronger Best Practice Intelligence

I have known Scott since 2005 or 2006 and he’s one of my favorite people in the virtualization community (despite the fact that he’s a Bear’s fan).  I really enjoy conversations with him as well as listening to him give talks like this.

He is the Co-Author with Ron Oglesby of a couple of the early books that I would say were virtualization bibles.  I still have my copies of both “VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide” and “VI3: Advanced Technical Design Guide”.

Scott recently left a position with Dell as the Product Management Director  – Converged Infrastructure Solutions to start his own company, UmbraWorks.  As a startup, UmbraWorks is still pretty much under the radar as Scott is putting things together and doesn’t have a product that’s ready to announce yet.  The last month or so I have had some very intriguing conversations with him about his vision and what he is planning to do with UmbraWorks.  I don’t expect to hear anything official about what’s ahead for UmbraWorks at our meeting next month but I would think you might come away with a feel for what direction Scott is going with things.

Regardless it should be a very interesting talk on March 21st so be sure to join us at the Netech sponsored meeting on the MATC campus in Milwaukee.  Scott will also be participating in the Ask The Experts Roundtable portion of the meeting and since he will be in Milwaukee the night before I am working on putting together a vBeers event which he was very interested in attending.  If you haven’t met Scott, be sure to introduce yourself to him and join in the conversation.  He’s a great person to know, always interesting to talk to and very willing to share his insights and virtualization knowledge.

For those of you who don’t know Scott Herold you can follow him on Twitter at @vmguru.  His LinkedIn profile is at:  You can visit UmbraWorks to check out a few blog posts that Scott had posted and register to be updated as things move forward.

A final reminder to register for the 3/21 meeting and to watch for more information about vBeers the evening of March 20th.

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