Virtual Design Master Competition

Toronto VMUG Leader and VMUG Board Member Angelo Luciani has teamed up with Toronto VMUG member Eric Wright to create a very interesting competition.  Below is a brief description from their website.  Check out the Virtual Design Master Competition website or follow their twitter feed (@vDMChallenge) for more information if you are interested in participating or just want to follow the event.

We have created a fun, but challenging competition called Virtual Design Master which is being fashioned after some of today’s popular competition reality shows (i.e. Kitchen Master, Ink Master, Chopped).This exciting competition will be held among the virtualization community with the goal of creating a fun, exciting and informative way to bring focus to virtualization designers and products in a new, original way.

 We are bringing eight virtualization professionals together to compete online, in design tasks using real-world business cases, while being judged by industry leaders in technology design.  Each competition our participants must evaluate, design, document and pitch their proposal to the judges. Over four sessions the judges will eliminate the two least effective proposals which will culminate to the final two competitors battling the clock and presenting their final design challenge at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco (in the bloggers area – we hope fingers crossed). 

The Challenges

  • Challenge One – Datacenter Design
  • Challenge Two – Disaster Recovery and Disaster Avoidance
  • Challenge Three – Automation and Orchestration
  • Challenge Four – Cloud Deployment
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